U Jimmy

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The Uncle Jimmy was designed using a model of a long- time guide’s boat who still uses this style to quickly get around. This boat has an open ‘cutty’/open bow. It’s hull is tailored to allow extreme mobility and stability.

At 19 feet, the boat is easily steered and even a first time boater will enjoy using this boat! The Uncle Jimmy is popular with many weekend fisherman because it is smaller, but it can still carry a lot of equipment and family! It is also easy to load and unload because it only weighs 81 kgs/178 lbs.


 Fiberglass laminated constructed hull with Ultra-violet protected external Gel coating.

 Internal color finish (customers choice) colored polyester gel coating.

 Reinforced keel complete with water accumulation collection system.

 Forward and Aft floatation incorporated as per federal regulations for Small Vessel Construction Standards.

 Floor construction laminated fiberglass or traditional natural latted wood construction.

 All internal construction secured using only stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance.

 Vessel customization to the individual’s specifications welcomed.

 Outboard Motor capabilities of 5-35 horsepower with short lower housing which enhances vessel mobility and stability