Where are we?

We are very proud of our heritage… Our province is world-renowned for our fishing and also for our wonderful hospitality…

The province has been gaining recognition for it’s technological achievements, and also it’s high standards in manufacturing.

A boat is Born!

The first boat was manufactured in their father’s garage next to the house. In the dead of winter, they carefully and painstakenly developed a flawless mold. Then they began to work on the first boat.

There was just enough room to move around, and the work was tough, but the guys were persistent, and finally, the first boat was finished!

Easier Said Than Done!

Bill needed a new Gander River boat. The one he had was wooden and would soon need some repairs, so they decided to look at purchasing a fiberglass one.

The Geanges looked at several boats but were not completely satisfied with the available designs and styles.